Graphic Design

HiTech ITworX provides graphic design services in Mudgee, the greater central west area and throughout NSW. We are available for contact between the hours of 8:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday or come in and see us in person at 7/64 Sydney Road Mudgee NSW, 2850.

Branding & Identity

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business. Whether you are large or small, brick and mortar or online. A well designed business identity opens the way to effective marketing strategies, reinforces brand loyalty and allows you to present your company in a professional and consistent manner visually.

Most consumers form a perception of a business before actually dealing with it personally. The presentation of your business has a direct impact on drawing the attention of potential customers.

Elements such as colour, logos, typography, stationery, signage, uniforms, vehicle livery and storefront locations are all potential areas to reinforce your visibility in the marketplace. With a well defined and clear identity, the visual elements of your brand are established and consistent across all mediums, marketing activities and devices.

A Brand should mirror a company’s values, trends and enthusiasm toward its product and services. Working with our creative team is a positive step toward defining a successful identity for your brand and engaging new customers.

Logo Design Mudgee

Your logo is the focal point and corner stone of your business identity and the key to its acceptance. A quality logo is absolutely key to developing a professional and memorable business.

Logos are unique marks of identity which are designed for easy identity. They are utilized by every type of organisation all over the world from small start-ups to global businesses.

A logo can be an original piece of typography such as a word, letter or number or a pictorial symbol. In either case a quality logo should be memorable, represent the style of your business and be flexible enough to stand the test of time no matter what the application.

Our logo design services utilise a full design brief which ensures every element of your logo is tailored to meet your requirements.

      1. Research and Ideas

    You will be invited to sit down with our professional and qualified creative team to discuss ideas that define your business. We will collect information about your target audience, competing brands, unique selling points and future goals. Additionally we listen to your requirements regarding the application of your logo and any initial ideas that you might have.

    2. Drafts and Review

    After gathering selected information in the research process, you will be given a detailed selection of prototypes for your work to choose from. From there we will further collaborate with our client to bring the best and improved version that suits our client’s needs and vision.

    3. Final Draft & Delivery

    Once finalised your content is delivered in the appropriate sizes, file formats and versions to ensure it is future proofed and appropriate for use in any application you may require.

Identity Guidelines

A professional identity guideline is one of the best investments you can make towards the future of your business. It is a document that in a short time will reduce costs, stress and ensure continuity when marketing your brand. Our professional guideline documents ensure a consistency across all the visual elements of your business. It is the instruction book for your brand identity, outlining specific colours, typefaces and logo usage specifications. It allows your material to be instantly recognisable be it web, social media, print, vehicle livery, uniforms or signage.

Organisations that present a consistent image and style strengthen their brand loyalty and attract new potential customers with a message of quality, professionalism and cohesion.

Whether you include this document with your logo design or work with us to develop it for your current brand it provides all involved with a unified reference to how you want your company represented both now and into the future.