Printing & Stationary

Print Media continues to be a thriving aspect of business advertising. In conjunction with digital media, it creates a powerful and tactile tool for putting your product and services into the hands of your customers.

There are a large range of print media options, each having a unique purpose in promoting your products or services. Whether your print media campaign requires flyers, marketing cards, posters, signs, car detailing or something else. We can help advise and design your campaign to effectively reach your target audience.

Professional and effective print media is hands down the most cost effective way of keeping your business in the front of consumers minds. Effective print material reinforces brand loyalty and lifts the standards of your brand inside the office and out.

Current printing technology offers the opportunity to capitalise on the best of both quality and price with fast delivery expectations. With significant improvements in the world of digital printing, small print runs now have the visual impact of larger offset processes. This means more bang for the buck!

Offset printing process is still preferred in the production of higher quantity print runs where better economy can be achieved through more traditional methods. We pride ourselves on producing a product of consistent quality within our printed media.

Quality Printing

We believe first impressions are important.

Poor quality merchandise will lead people to speculate about the quality of the products and services they will be given from a company. When it comes to the presentation of your brand, professional printing is one of the best areas to reinforce quality. A small short term saving with a budget printer will almost always translate to a loss of income and reputation in the long run.

High prices don’t necessarily mean great results so Hi Tech ITworX has selected some of Australia’s best value for money professional printers. Our design team know how to get the most out of your artwork and are always on hand to assist you with selecting design, stock and finishing options.