June 30th, 2015

Client: Brindleys
Project: Store Design & Style Guidelines
Date: Q2 2015

Brindleys Accountants was established in 1953 and over the years has grown in size. Brindleys Chartered Accountants provide their clients with complete financial care, ensuring all their financial, taxation, accounting, and auditing needs are met while providing a friendly and family oriented workplace.

In early 2015 Brindleys moved to their new location on Market St in Mudgee and required a design to compliment the exterior of the building and the reception area. Hitech ITworX developed a concept artwork which was used to develop the look and colour combinations with the client. The design makes use of bold navy blue and olive tints for the brand colour palate and utilises the square trademark elements throughout, including the window mural.

The final design took advantage of the two large street facing windows with a unique frosted glass mural for each window of which the layout was selected to strike a balance between privacy and natural light.

Brindleys new facade design concept art

We also produced a style guideline document outlining the corporate colour profiles, logo usage guidelines and fonts of the business. This document serves as an easy reference for design, print, web and advertising personnel ensuring a consistent appearance across multiple mediums.

Brindleys style guidelines
Brindleys reception area
Brindleys reception area
Brindleys facade design showing the street sign panel
The left and right windows were used to display alternative financial services.
Brindleys frosted window design
Brindleys new location on Market street Mudgee