Chandlers Quality Meats

Feburary 25, 2015

Chandlers Quality Meats is Mudgee's newest butcher. The origional location was tired and had been un-used for two years, leaving the space with a much neded pick-me-up. The project started a photoshoot of the current location which we then used to build on top of in Adobe Photosshop. This allowed us to develop the photorealistc concept artwork for the storefront design.

Working with a navy blue base colour we developed a logotype of the Chandlers name wedged between two graphical elements which also signify the profile of a butchers knife.

Our concept incorporated a large wall murual of a cow with a 'cut-map' of various beef cuts and where they are found on the animal. Additional elements include the back wall animal murial and their frosted negative cuttouts on the refrigerated glass cabnets. These negative space cuttouts provide an interesting way to view the produce as well as a rapid solution to categorising meat types.

Once the look for the store design was establish and approved we worked with local painters and sign writers to bring to reality a finish almost identiacal to the origonal concept art. The result is a refreshed store which from day one attracted more customers for the client purely from the new visual appeal of the location.

Chandlers Quality Meats Mudgee, Finished renovation: Feb 2015
The new Chandlers Quality Meats Logo
The old butchers shop was looking tired and out of date in Nov 2014
Digital Concept Art created by HiTech ITworX for new butcher shop.
Chandlers Quality Meats Mudgee, Finished renovation: Feb 2015