Club Mudgee

May 28th, 2015

Client: Club Mudgee
Project: Website
Date: Q1 2015

Club Mudgee is centrally located in the heart of Mudgee’s Central Business District on the corner of Perry and Mortimer Streets Mudgee. Club Mudgee proudly boasts that it's “the place to be”. It's Mudgee’s number one entertainment complex. Offering two bars, bistro, alfresco terrace, three function rooms, endless entertainment and promotions. Club Mudgee sees itself as an integral part of the local community being closely intertwined with a large variety of sporting and community organisations, it takes this role very seriously.

At the beginning of 2015 Club Mudgee approached us to construct a new website which was more in line with the positive changes the club had made in the previous years. Recently the club has performed significant renovations both externally and internally as well as introducing a brand new combined bistro, deli and wine bar called 99 Mortimer.

The new website was designed to be a modern, clean and robust design which would be easy to navigate and appealing to Club Mudgee's wide range of members. When styling the website we took the opportunity to also brining the design up to date with the current branding style.

One unique challenge was to come up with a layout which could provide a comprehensive range of updates though still robust enough to be updated without effecting the layout or damaging website functionality (an issue with the old website).

To facilitate the need for rapid updates we integrated the Club Mudgee Facebook stream to the news page and modified its appearance to match the website. We were able to take this a step further by creating a unique page for Club Mudgee staff to post ticketed events on their website via Facebook. Including facebook in this manner means there is only one location to update and also encourages Facebook participation via the website.

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