Guneemooroo Estate

Client: Guneemooroo Estate
Project: Website Design
Date: Q3 2018

Established in 1983, Guneemooroo Estate is a sprawling 100-acre property nestled in the rolling hills of the beautiful Grattai Valley 650 metres above Mudgee. Owners Mark and Sandy produce a range of wine from their dryland vineyard as well as high quality extra virgin olive oil from their grove of Italian and Spanish olive trees. We were approached in early 2018 to develop an online presence for the Guneemooroo brand which would enable online sales of their products as well as a platform to promote their range of accommodation in both Mudgee and France.

The Guneemooroo branding is modern, contemporary and unique so Mark and Sandy were supportive of a website layout which was reflective of this. We deviated away from the standard top navigation bar layout and opted for a more innovative floating sidebar layout and where suitable included branding elements throughout. Our features include an estate stories blog for new updates on the latest activities on the estate and products together with social media integration via a custom embedded Facebook feed.